New project caribean

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Hi, finished with the psychological things for now.

I am getting ready for my 3 month residency in Cuba.  So trying my hand at greenery, and cause of the long haul by  plain etc etc,  I’m trying acrylic, but not too sure, I love oils much better.  Here is my garden,  the work I have done today acrylic on paper.IMG_2379

growing up

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This is my project in progress.    I have finished two of the 3 pieces that it consists of,    no. 1  mother, or known as I don’t want to,  ,  no. 2 stepmother, also known as “anything else darling”   spoken in french  “rien d’autre Cherie”.  next one is therapy, is  about being an adult  finally  and  for better or worse coming back full circle. These are my original sketches.