Embargoed Cuba

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    Hi,  English is not my forte but this is what  I have been working on. Today 3rd of May 2016   Embargoed Cuba I have spent two months and a half in Cuba, mostly Havana,  and have enjoyed … Continued

New project caribean

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Hi, finished with the psychological things for now. I am getting ready for my 3 month residency in Cuba.  So trying my hand at greenery, and cause of the long haul by  plain etc etc,  I’m trying acrylic, but not … Continued

growing up

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This is my project in progress.    I have finished two of the 3 pieces that it consists of,    no. 1  mother, or known as I don’t want to,  ,  no. 2 stepmother, also known as “anything else darling”   spoken in … Continued

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